Nontoxic Living Using Essential Oils

December 15, 2021
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Nontoxic living with essential oils

In this blog post, we’re going to talk about a healthy living aspect that has nothing to do with food!

Shocker, I know, since all I usually talk about is food! But with a food allergy kiddo, food has become an object we always have to be hyper aware about, as it affects every aspect of our lives. Can you blame me for being obsessed with food?!

I’m passionate about food and using it as a healing tool for our bodies. As well as avoiding foods that do nothing for our body and cause more harm than good. I’ve seen both aspects personally in our lives. Which is why I’m pursuing my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certificate! To better help you mamas with navigating how to feed your kiddos nourishing foods in this instant gratification, highly processed food world – without losing your mind!

But while creating a healthy living lifestyle through food is my jam, there are other aspects of healthy living that I’m still learning about myself and trying to conquer. Like getting rid of toxic chemicals in our home and instead using things like essential oils in place of them.

Moving to a nontoxic lifestyle is something you have to take in stages, though. Otherwise, you’ll get overwhelmed and quit. Just like when it comes to switching to healthier eating habits. It takes one step at a time.

We’ve been tackling the food aspect for a while now, and I felt like I was ready to start tackling what was in my house, our most constant environment. And I knew I wanted to do it with essential oils. I’d been dabbling with them for a while mainly as aroma therapy options (and to make my house smell good!), but really didn’t know their full potential. But I felt lost as to how to go about it. I felt overwhelmed with what to switch out. Do I start with the kitchen area? Bathroom? The cleaners? Soaps? How much is this going to cost to switch out? How do I switch them? What products do I need to use? Which company should I go with?

It was too much for me to think about, so I just didn’t for a long time! I put it to the side as the overwhelm just shut my brain down. And in the meantime, the chemicals I wanted out of my house, were still hanging around in my house.

And that’s when I met Tori.

I took some of her courses on essential oils and my mind was blown … but in a good way this time! Her courses explained everything I needed to know in bite sized information pieces on using essential oils for our every day lives. With the ins and the outs of where to start and how. With the cost and savings I’d be looking at. She took me through each room in my house and showed me how to ditch the harmful chemicals and replace it using essential oils. No fuss. No fluff. Easy peasy.

Mind blown.

Before I go any further, though, let me introduce you to her! She’s guest blogging with me on today’s post. And she’s even given me some goodies to pass on to you! You can check it out at the end of the post.

Meet Tori

Hi I’m Tori – registered nurse and nontoxic living wellness advocate! I’ve been incorporating more natural and holistic ways into my daily routine for about 3 or 4 years now. It’s been something I’ve become so passionate about that I decided I wanted to make my business all about helping others find the same balance. 

So if you’re a mom of littles trying to navigate a safer and healthier lifestyle, I’m glad you’re here!

What is nontoxic living?

You might have heard the term nontoxic living, but been a little unsure of what it actually means. Nontoxic living is simply cutting out harmful chemicals (or toxins) from your life and home. Similar terms you might have heard are:

-toxin free


-plant based

-natural wellness

-chemical free


All generally mean the same thing – just trying for more natural options. 

How do I get started with nontoxic living?

Essential oils were my first step into nontoxic living. My mother-in-law would gift me oils and I just loved the thought of being “cool” enough to use them. But the reality was that I would put them in a drawer and pull them out once in a blue moon when I was feeling froggy (or oily). I didn’t really know how to use them or what each oil was good for. 

Then after a year of panic attacks that hit me out of nowhere – failed doctors appointments and research lead me to nontoxic living. I realized I needed to cut down on the chemicals I was taking in to allow my body to function properly. As I researched the products in my life and home I realized it was going to be a marathon and not a sprint to a healthier life. But fast forward to today and I’m feeling MUCH better and have found some tricks on cutting down on those harmful toxins. 

I don’t want you to be like me. Wanting answers, but taking the long way around to feel better and to detox your home. So if you asked me how to get started with nontoxic living, I would tell you my online courses! I took the knowledge I’ve gained over the years and put it in easy step-by-step guides to make learning a more natural lifestyle simple and quick!

Let’s look at the courses

I have three courses available that are essentially stepping stones in the right direction. First, you learn how to use essential oils, then how to mix and dab, and finally how to use those oils and other products to detox your entire home (and all on a budget). 

Essential Oils for Beginners

Find out how to SAFELY use essential oils. We will walk through proper usage, how to pick a quality company, and you even get some free goodies to go with it. 

Roller and Diffuser Blends

Mixes and blends to use in your home for all different kinds of health goals or issues.

The Switch and Ditch 

The online course for mamas not playing around and ready to ditch the toxins! This course will walk you through how to identify toxins, read labels, and take you room by room to get rid of the bad and replace it with the good. 

And if you aren’t ready to invest in a course, check out my free resources page! It’s full of FREE guides to help you work through specific pain points that come with nontoxic living. I highly suggest “The Newbie’s Guide to Nontoxic Living.”

I’d also love for you to come hang out with me on Instagram. I post helpful (and sometimes funny) tips and tricks to help you on your wellness journey!

Thanks, Tori!

My take on tori’s Courses

As I mentioned earlier, my mind was blown with how Tori’s courses made switching out toxic household products so easy.

Now, you might be scoffing at taking a course on how to switch out your chemically laden products for healthier, kid friendlier ones. But let me tell you, when your schedule is full with trying to run a business, taking care of two kids while fighting morning sickness, going to school yourself and keeping up with household chores (ahem, this is probably me) … a course that shows you exactly what to do is a Godsend! I have so much going on that if someone has already done the hard work for me and is offering all the info in one nice neat little spot for me to consume, you better believe I’m going to jump all over that, just to make it easier on myself!

I’ve taken Tori’s Essential Oils for Beginners course and The Switch and Ditch course.

Tori’s courses literally have everything you need, like:

  • How to read the labels of essential oils so you know you’re getting quality products, not the synthetic stuff.
  • How to safely use essential oils.
  • A checklist for going room by room to make the switching process easier and less overwhelming.
  • A workbook that helps you figure out your budget and how to prioritize the switches that you really want to make.
  • Additional bonus material in each course and some coupons for other courses!
  • Of course she also gives you recipes for the oil blends depending on what you want to accomplish, whether it’s immune support, treating allergies, acne, help with sleep and more.
  • Tori even has a one year calendar to help you get the must have essential oils and switch items like kids shampoo and dish soap to nontoxic versions on a budget in an easy month by month process. Step by step, y’all!

While her preferred product of choice is Young Living products, she also includes info on other companies with some of their perks to give you several options to choose from.

I’ve used Young Living in the past, but found that Plant Therapy is more in my budget range and is still quality products. Always do your research on the company you’re looking at and choose what works best for your family and your budget.

the goodies

Okay, now to the goodies I mentioned earlier! Tori has given me a special code, just for you, giving you 20% off any one of her courses! Just use the code BEKAH21 at checkout for the discount.

So if you’ve been wanting to switch out some of the chemicals in your house for a more chemical free, nontoxic version, Tori is your go-to gal.

Save yourself the headache of trying to figure it out on your own. First, go check out Tori’s free resources. Then, if you’re smitten with what she offers there, go check out the courses! They’re so easy to follow and she gives you so much information in bite sized usable pieces that I promise you won’t feel overwhelmed at all! It’s a great step in starting your journey to nontoxic living.

Bekah Shephard, Author of A Nurse in Your Purse, Helping Mamas Balance Healthy Living with Mom Life

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