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Hey Mama.

I’m so glad you’re here! Because mamas are my people! Three day old hair, messy buns (and messier houses!), leggings and a coffee in hand that’s been warmed up three times by 9am … if that’s you, then we are a kindred soul.

All moms want the best for their kids.  

But how do we know what’s best? With so many “experts” telling us we should do this or that, eat this not that, it’s hard to know who’s right. And in the midst of trying to do the right thing and eat the right thing, we’re cleaning up the same messes day after day, changing one diaper after another. It can start to wear on a mama.

And those “experts” with their picture perfect meals and picture perfect houses seem to be living a different reality than us mamas. At least, for this mama.

Mom life can be hard.

It’s tough. It’s dirty. It’s busy. And it’s often not what we see when we scroll our social feeds.

But it’s also a beautiful thing. Beauty that’s found in tea parties and dress up. Blanket forts and water fights. Bedtime stories and little hands touching your cheeks. It’s the “Just one more time, pleeeease?” call, and the sound of little voices at your feet while making dinner. It’s in the ordinary, everyday living, that we can find precious moments that make this mom life so worth the messes. (Yea, I’m a bit of a softy.)

But when our kiddos are struggling with constant belly aches, diarrhea or constipation, itchy, irritated skin, or just can’t seem to focus at school …. our mama hearts break! How do we help our kiddos? Where do we turn to?

I’ve traveled down this road myself and know first hand how hard and completely overwhelming it can be! 

My son’s food allergies are what started us on our health journey. It seemed like literally every thing he ate would cause hives, eczema flare ups, or loose stools. Then our daughter developed tooth decay and I wanted to find a natural way to help repair her teeth or to at least halt the decay. 

Little did I know that with having to change our diet due to food allergies and teeth issues, I would discover that my foggy “mom brain” wasn’t normal, nor was the exhaustion, the bloating, or the need for coffee at 2pm. 

With changes to foods we ate, my son’s eczema cleared up. His loose stools became normal and regular. We’re still working on allergies, but he’s able to tolerate certain forms of his allergens and many foods that he was sensitive to are now part of his regular diet again.

Needless to say, between my two kids, I’ve done hours upon hours of research! We’ve tried multiple diets, different health products, different holistic treatments, and have discovered many healthy recipes that are picky kid approved. I’ll be sharing all the tips, tricks and recipes I’ve discovered in my blog

As an allergy mom, a nutritional therapy practitioner, and a nurse, my hope is to help you help your child feel their best and thrive through nutritional therapy. 

Having a nursing background and becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner has given me the tools to understand what the body needs in order to feel its best … and it’s more than just diet, believe it or not! My passion is to help other mama’s help their kids feel their best using a more natural approach through nutritional therapy.

More fun stuff about me … 

As with most moms, I wear many hats, and that includes being an author! My book, A Nurse in Your Purse, is like having a nurse on speed dial at all hours of the night to answer your basic infant health care questions, from cradle cap to fevers to baby skin issues. This book was written with new mamas in mind and covers topics that deal with the infant stage, but is also full of useful information and handy charts for any seasoned mom. Being a parent is scary, whether you’re brand new at it or on your seventh kid! Each kid is different and brings their own challenges to the table. But with this book, I hope to help ease some of your worries and help you feel more empowered in knowing what to do when it comes to your infant’s health care needs.

In addition to writing, I’m also married to my high school sweetheart, a mom of two tiny bosses, a nutritional therapy practitioner, a pediatric RN, business owner, graphic designer and a crafter of sorts. (Like I said, many hats!) Would you do me a solid and check out my shop of printables I create for  busy mamas? Because, for real, who has time to wait on shipping these days or really wants to drag the kiddos to a store … where there’s GLASS?! These printables are fun and useful for any mama.

I hope you’ve decided to stick around for some real mom life advice on how we can feel our best as moms and also help our families be the healthiest they can be. If so, sign up for my email list below where I’ll be sharing all the useful tips, tricks, discounts and resources I know! (Psst … if you like free but useful stuff, head over to my Freebies tab and sign up there!)

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